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Developing EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE through Coaching Career and employability guidance [English version]


Aula: Sala Consiglio -  Ore: 1.30-2.30 PM

Via E. Parmense 84, Piacenza

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The labour market is changing quickly and innovating, and recruiters are increasingly demanding. Undertaking career guidance activities before graduating, will improve your employability prospects.
Participate in the following events organized for you during the 1st semester of the 2018/19 academic year.

Participation is free and open to all students and graduates from all faculties of the University.
Participation is compulsory* before applying for an internship for students at the Piacenza Campus (who did not attend the same seminar series during last year) enrolled for 2018/19:
-1st and 2nd year of Master’s degree program in Global Business Management;
-2nd year of Bachelor’s degree program in Sustainable Agriculture for Food Quality and Environment (SAFE).

- *It is mandatory to attend at least 4 workshops/or seminars; you are free to choose from all 8 events proposed:
Introductory Seminar/Technical Activities/Soft Activities.
- A new cycle of events will be organized for the 2nd semester of 2018/19.
Due to different degree course timetables:
- attendance at the events organized in the 1st semester is highly recommended for students enrolled on "GBM".
- attendance at the events organized in the 2nd semester is highly recommended for students enrolled on "SAFE".
Students are free to choose from all the events organized during the whole year.

Attended will be recorded

Registration is required.

To book, register online

AMBRA PISCOPO https://www.unicatt.it/iscrizioneonline-eventi/default.asp?ID_Ufficio=&idpagam=5057&per_studenti_UC=0;1;0;0

In order to book, time after time, at the session of interest, REMEMBER to consult http://sep.unicatt.it/sep-comitato-universita-mondo-del-lavoro-eventi-7594#content or http://www.unicatt.it - Corsi e Servizi --> Stage e Placement --> Eventi.

For information or to cancel your registration, please call 0523 599 388, or write to:ser.placement-pc@unicatt.it.

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