Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Economia e Giurisprudenza

Graduate Degree in Law – Law & Economics Double Degree curriculum (5+1)

The Law & Economics Double Degree curriculum aims to train graduates who, in addition to aspiring to enter the established legal professions (lawyers, magistrates and notaries), are also able to contribute their finely-honed managerial skills to the economic and management aspects of every organisational and business structure.

The innovative Law & Economics course stems from the experience gained in the regular didactic activity developed in the Faculty of Economics and Law. This has entailed a special study plan, for the graduate students in Law, aimed to train professionals able to integrate their solid legal knowledge with skills and competences in the economics and management sector.

For the courses correlative to the Law and Digital Innovation curriculum, the Law & Economics double degree programme (5 + 1) will also be focused on the comprehensive study of the legal issues of the digital society.

During the five-year period they will be accrued as follows:

  • in addition to the credits necessary to obtain a single-cycle graduate degree in Law (class LMG/01)
  • a sufficient number of credits to permit direct access to the final year of the Graduate Degree in Business Management, which is held in the same Faculty of Economics and Law on the Piacenza campus

With only one additional year (+1) a second Graduate Degree in Business Management (class LM-77) can also be obtained.