Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Economia e Giurisprudenza

The Faculty of Economics and Law is located in the Università Cattolica’s Piacenza Campus immersed in an area steeped in culture and beauty, with a strong tradition of food, wine and music. The vibrant Campus grounds are home to the many students, professors and researchers who animate the lecture and study rooms, libraries and laboratories. The large outdoor green spaces and residential areas offer a welcoming and hospitable experience for those who come to Piacenza for study and research. On-campus recreational facilities dedicated to leisure, sport and socialisation are an additional advantage. The geographical origins and academic careers of the students at the Faculty of Economics and Law are very diverse. Besides being a great cultural wealth, this heterogeneity stimulates lively discussions and exchanges of ideas.

The values ​​that inspire university life in the Campus are those of keen commitment to study, merit, teamwork, sharing, solidarity, debate and a passion for continuous self-improvement. Fundamentally, an environment where the most profound needs are nurtured at a crucial moment in a person’s life, reconciling the quality of study with the quality of interpersonal relationships.

The Faculty offers separate and autonomous degree programmes in Economics and in Law, but also offers some robustly cross-disciplinary programmes. Students can choose their desired degree programme and then customise their study plan with the aim of developing general and basic skills. Over time they can combine them with other disciplines that will better meet their needs, thus, gaining cross-sectoral employability skills that are increasingly in demand by the labour market.
The economics degrees programmes and curricula of study aim to cultivate managerial and professional skills in the areas of administration, strategy, marketing and sales management, finance and human resource management.
The law degrees programmes and curricula of study are structured in such a way as to offer qualified training for access to legal professions and for inclusion in the world of companies, institutions, international organisations and associations.
All the faculty programmes have two significant features: internationalisation and an internship experience. All courses give the possibility of study and internship experiences abroad with the Exchange, Summer Programmes or Focused Programmes Abroad, ISEP network, Study Abroad, Double Degreea at graduate and undergraduate level, International Thesis Scholarships and the  Internships Abroad.

A distinctive and unique experience in Italy is the undergraduate degree in Business Administration, and - more specifically - the International Management curriculum, that offers a specific DOUBLE DEGREE programme, with a total duration of 4 years. Through an exchange programme it enables students to gain a double degree by studying for the first two years at the Piacenza campus and the successive two at one of the European and American partner universities (Neoma-Reims, Avans University-Breda, Lancaster University-Lancaster, North Carolina State University-Raleigh, Elon University Elon, ESB Business School at Reutlingen University-Reutlingen, Universidad de las Américas Puebla UDLAP-Puebla). Thanks to this project, the degree programme in Business Administration has become part of the network of the International Partnership of Business Schools (IPBS) which merges some of the most prestigious international business schools. The programme also comprises two internships in the two training periods, the first of which is held in a company operating in Italy and the second in a company operating in the host country.

The Graduate Degree in Global Business Management also offers the option of a double degree with Università Cattolica of Lille (France), the California State University at San Marcos (USA), Dublin City University (Ireland) and ESB Reutlingen University (Germany).

The syllabus also offers first and second-level Specialising Master Programmes.
First level Specialising Master Programmes

  • MIM, International management
  • MINT, International management
  • PMI, Executive Specialising Master Programme in Strategic development of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Supply Chain Management and Digital innovation

Second level Specialising Master Programmes

  • MIPA, Management and innovation of public administrations
  • MIPAC (Management and innovation of public central administrations)
  • MOTORSPORT Business (interfaculty with the University of Parma)
  • SMEA (interfaculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences), Agricultural and Food Management

The teaching content and courses at the Faculty of Economics and Law are continuously updated and are consistent with prevailing issues in professional and managerial contexts, the result of rigorous scientific research carried out by the Department of Economic and Social Sciences and the Department of Legal Sciences, as well as important applied research centres specialised in different thematic areas: the Research Centre for Change in Public Administration, the Research Centre for Entrepreneurial Development, the Centre for Studies in Economic and Monetary Policy, the Research Centre for the Application of Telematics to Organisations and Society, the Laboratory for Local Economies, the Research Centre for Retailing and Trade Marketing.

The Research Centres and Departments are an important resource for improving the quality, the retraining and the involvement of managers and professionals in the syllabus and also help to open up graduate gateways into the world of work during the students’ university years.