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Facoltà di Economia e Giurisprudenza

Since 1994 Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Piacenza campus) has organised the “Internship Project” for students attending the Faculty of Economics and Law in collaboration with private and public companies.

This project enables students of the aforesaid Faculty to carry out an internship at the following:

  • a company
  • a Public Administration
  • a private association
  • a professional studio
  • an international company within the EFMD network

in Italy or abroad.

An Internship Committee has been set up to supervise the project composed of Faculty members who collaborate with an Internship Tutor.

Ever since its launch, the Internship Project has always been highly renowned for its distinctive concept, unique in its time on the Italian university scenario, which advocates a very close link with the didactic activities: indeed, the fundamental importance of the Internship Project’s goal comes to fruition in a "project" identified together with the host company, followed by a critical appraisal of the problem and the intern’s potential solutions. This approach helps to make the experience particularly valid, it "ennobles it" and safeguards it with regards to other potential experiences without true educational significance.

As an option to the Internship Project the students may also choose a traditional internship (defined as "cognitive") which aims to analyse and understand the operational characteristics, the roles, the skills and the typical dynamics of the host company.

Given its training and advising benefit the internship has assumed a fundamental role as a link between the university system and the world of work.

Currently it is an integral part in the curriculum for all the Faculty Degree Programmes and counts for a number of University Credits (CFU).

The new EFMD Highered global talent platform is accessible only to students on the degree programmes in Economics at the Piacenza and Cremona campus.

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Fundamental guides

The three persons fundamental for the success of the internship are:

  • the Business Tutor
  • the University Tutor-professor who, as scientific expert of the subject offer methodological support to the student-intern
  • the Internship Tutor who ensures the inauguration and the organisational coordination of the various phases of the internship by constantly supporting the both students and the host companies

Internship experiences available in the Faculty’s various degree programmes

For specific information on the documents required for the Internship offered as part of your degree programme, please refer to the relevant pages found in the degree syllabus:

Degree Programme

Internship compulsory /
not compulsory

Credits assigned
to Internship

Business Economics - Piacenza [LT] »

Business Economics - Cremona [LT] »

for the final exam
5 Credits
Law and Economics of Banks and Enterprises [LT]
not compulsory
6 Credits
Law [single-cycle degree] »
not compulsory

6 Credits

Business Management [LM] »

7 Credits
Global Business Management [LM] »
6 Credits
Food Marketing and commercial strategies [LM] »
not compulsory
8 Credits

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