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Facoltà di Scienze agrarie, alimentari e ambientali

The Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences has stated that the students enrolled in the undergraduate degree can count the "internship report" in place of the final exam.

An internship is a period of work experience offered by an employer to give students exposure to the workplace, usually related to their field of study, where they can gain valuable insight into the profession, the interpersonal relationships and all organisational aspects. From a content standpoint, being employed in the company as a trainee presents a valuable opportunity for professional and personal growth that enables the student to boost his/her CV, so much so that the internship is considered not as an optional but as integrated with the learning process in lectures and in individual study. The internship is also an opportunity to be proactive in developing interpersonal skills, to show initiative and network with colleagues and to create a good impression within the relevant social context.

The placement may be a farm, an industrial, commercial or service company or a Public Body. It may also be a publicly owned enterprise or the student’s workplace and can be based in Italy or abroad. The student learns to respect the rules, practices, conventions of the host company which will then facilitate his/her future professional choices.

Internship experiences available in the Faculty’s various degree programmes

For specific information on the Internship regulations and on the documents required for the Internship offered as part of your degree programme, please refer to the relevant pages found in the degree syllabus:

Degree Programme
Internship compulsory/ not compulsory
Credits assigned to Internship

Agricultural Sciences and Technologies [ITA]


10 Credits
(minimum number of internship hours: 250)

Food sciences and technologies  - Piacenza [ITA]

Food sciences and technologies  - Cremona [ITA]


7 Credits
(minimum number of internship hours: 175)

Food production management (SAFE)


6 Credits
(minimum number of internship hours: 150)