Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione

Immersed in great academic tradition, the Faculty of Education has always focused on the educational problems concerning the human person, intended in its entirety. To this end, and to adequately meet the challenges of contemporary society, it cultivates innovations in pedagogical research, in constant interdisciplinary discourse with the various human sciences.  This link between solid foundations and new perspectives of education, according to a personalist vision, is the Faculty of Education’s strongpoint and it is operative in three main campuses of Milan, Brescia and Piacenza.

This renowned Faculty has trained generations of Italian teachers and is, above all, an educational laboratory where the most qualified disciplines interlink with different fields of knowledge, from psychology to sociology, philosophy, history and literature - the Education Sciences - which, based on a consolidated tradition of research, provide expertise and in-depth vision to tackle the organisational dynamics of the world in which training strategies are redeployed

This in-house training, which builds upon a perspective centred on the person and on relationships, is the keystone of all the Faculty courses..

The following degree programmes were held at the Piacenza campus in the 2018-2019 AY::

Undergraduate degree programmes

Education and Training Sciences, degree category code L-19, which associates the products of a great school of reflection and intervention in childhood education and in personal services, an area in which it is possible to create and customise cultural and professional paths. Additionally, the course has developed a more recent trend for in-company and in-services trainers, personal and distance-learning designers, consultants to organisations and experts in the use of new educational technologies.

Graduate degree programmes

Alongside the aforementioned areas, the graduate degree programmes give a high-order overview of some sectors that represent specific Università Cattolica vocations. Pedagogical design in services for minors, degree category code LM-50, offers specific skills in the field of educational work with children and adolescents.

In recent years, socio-educational policies for minors have become more defined, principally in the wake of the incentive provided by law 285/97.

Educational promotion and prevention, childcare, plus, preadolescence and adolescence care is now a well-defined educational field with specific services and methodologies varied to suit the diverse regional regulations. For several years the Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia regions have been investing in consolidating the offer and the educational network to support minors. A distinct example of this is the Regional Law 14 of 28th July 2008 promulgated by the Emilia Romagna Region entitled "Norms regarding policies for the younger generations”. Faced with a society that is increasingly organising a plurality of educational services for children and adolescents, it is necessary to train specialized staff to continually design, manage and innovate these services.

For this reason, from the 2009-2010 A.Y., the Faculty proposes a Graduate Degree in Pedagogical Planning in Services for Minors at the Piacenza campus.

Internships, which are an integral part of the curriculum with laboratory activities, combine theory and practice, planning and action, thus, facilitating entry into the world of work.