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Calendario degli Esami di Profitto - Sede di Piacenza

Since the January/February 2015 session, exams have been managed through an electronic recording system (implementing a ministerial decree titled "Urgent provisions on simplification and development" issued on 4 April 2012).

Students still have to print their exam registration slip (statino) and bring it with them on the day of the exam, but the grade they receive is recorded through a new computer-based system.

For exams taken in 'immediate classroom mode' the grade is recorded immediately after the exam, and in order for students to acknowledge seeing the document, they must enter their iCatt credentials or insert their student ID card into one of the readers provided.

For exams taken in 'deferred' mode, the result is communicated through a notification on iCatt (Home page/Exam results and update of records); by selecting the link related to the exam, students can view the grade and accept or refuse it by pressing 'accept' or 'refuse'.

In case of non-acceptance or explicit refusal, the result will automatically be considered as accepted after 5 days from the date of notification (silent approval).

Example: if the result is notified on 15 February, in case the student does not express his/her intention to accept or refuse the grade, the positive result will automatically uploaded to the student's profile on 21 February.

The grades obtained will then be visible in iCatt, Online registrar/Registered grades. Any administrative or didactic irregularities can block the update of records..

For the correct execution of the exam, it is necessary to be registered for a specific exam call and bring the student ID card and an identity document.

Exam registration and deadline compliance

Since January 2016 the timing of exam registration has changed:

The registration can be made until four days before the official date of each exam (until now the deadline was set at six days) through your iCatt account or a the UC-Point terminals; for example, if an exam is scheduled on 8 February, registrations will be open until 4 February.

For this reason, requests to register for an exam beyond the deadline cannot be accepted.

Students can, however, continue to cancel their registration by the day before the official date of an exam call.

Students who are about to graduate will be given priority in taking oral exams and, where required, in the correction and recording of written exams. To facilitate the application of this principle, instructors/professors will find relevant information in the lists of students registered for an exam.

In case the professor heading the examination panel is unable to take part in it and communicates his/her absence at short notice, a substitute will be appointed so that the exam call can start on the scheduled date, thus avoiding having to postpone it to a later date.

To reduce critical situations, students who are about to graduate will be allowed to conclude their careers (understood as the recording of all examinations) within 7 calendar days from the beginning of the graduation session, i.e. the time needed to verify the students' careers, so that the last exams are not too close or overlap with the beginning of the graduation session. For this purpose, the exam calendar will be scheduled so that graduating students can take them according to the following plan:

  • Students registered for the summer session (June-July): the first 2 dates out of 3 (or the first date out of 2, if available);
  • Students registered for the autumn session (September-October): the first date out of 2;
  • Students registered for the extraordinary session (December-April: the first 2 dates out of 3 (or the first date out of 2, if available).

The last date of every session will also be available, but only if the exam is recorded within 7 calendar days from the beginning of the graduation session.