Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Scienze agrarie, alimentari e ambientali

Dear students,

hereby I would like to provide you with some anticipations regarding how academic activities for the upcoming months will be carried out.

The fall exam session will be held according to the indications valid for the summer session, that is in presence. The possibility to take exams remotely will be granted only for health reasons specifically related to Covid-19 (being positive for the virus, being in a prescribed preventive quarantine, living with people in a fragile health condition; reasons related to other health problems are not allowed), to be documented by uploading the reason and the justification in the exam registration system. Logistic reasons (being off-site, having to make a longer or shorter journey to reach the campus, etc.) will not be accepted anymore, if not strictly related to the impossibility of reaching Italy, being abroad. Professors may take into consideration the reasons given and deny the possibility to seat the exam remotely if they do not meet the criteria listed above.

Regarding the final examination discussion for undergraduate, graduate and integrated degree programmes in the fall session, all Commissions (including the proclamation ceremonies for undergraduate degrees) will be convened in presence. The remote modality will be granted under the same conditions for which the remote exam session is granted, i.e. only for health reasons specifically related to Covid-19 (to be documented).

For the a.y. 2021/22, lectures and face-to-face teaching activities will be held in presence, on the basis of shifts that will take into account the need to respect the number of seats of the classrooms, reduced to an extent compatible with the norms of social distancing; the dual mode will therefore be maintained: the professor/lecturer will be in the classroom with students, while those students who cannot access the classroom that day will attend the lesson remotely, via live streaming. The lesson will be video-recorded and the recording will remain available for at least one week. The lesson calendar and schedules, the modalities and the shifts of access will be made available on the iCatt portal and on the iCatt app, and adequately communicated.

The guidelines described above obviously remain valid as far as they are compatible with future norms in force, and until the determination of new regulations.

I hope you will have a good summer break.

Prof. Marco Trevisan
20 July 2021